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Kunstmuseum, Bonn
Stadtmuseum, Siegburg
Hygiene Museum, Dresden
Kunstverein Nord e.V., Bremen Vegesack
Museen Industriekultur, Osnabrück
Herzzentrum Bad Oynhausen
Kunstverein Emsdetten
Europäisches Kulturzentrum Rolandseck
Merck, Finck & Co, Privatbankiers, Köln


Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
Broadway Windows, New York
Manege, St. Petersburg
Provinciaal Museum, Hasselt
Galerien Libro Azul, Ibiza
Biennale Internationale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Florenz
Index Fair, Dubai

Vita (English)

  • 2019
    MEINWÄRTS Gabriele Heider, Jorn Utzon Foundation Baleares
  • 2018
    „Kunst & Essen“ Ausstellung Galerie N18 Bernd Bauer Cologne (S)
  • 2016 – 2018
    „Atelier Gabriele Heider“  Cologne
  • 2016
    „Sommer“, Gallery Kunstraum 21, Bonn (S)″
  • 2012 – 2015
    „Kunst am Bau“ “, Gut Friedrichstein, Sankt Augustin, Germany
    Neugestalltung Villa Gut Friedrichstein gebaut 1928, Architekt Friedrich Becker
  • 2011
    „Movement, Colour, Architecture, Gallery Kunstraum 21, Bonn (S)
    „Art Fair Cologne, Gallery Kunstraum 21″
  • 2010
    „Opening new studios, Gut Friedrichstein“
    „Justice – Bonn Courthouse“(S)“
  • 2009
    „Project Deep Links – a deep view into my soul, abstract paintings (S)“
  • 2008
    „Raum Körper Bewegung“ Technologiepark Bensberg (S)
    „The year in the bunker cologne – Malen im Vakuum“ (S)
    „Merck, Finck & Co, Privatbankiers Cologne (S)
  • 2007
    „Mural Paintings“ Zamani wo[man]„Film Scenery Projects“ Kölner Filmhaus
    „Körpergedächtnis und Erinnerungsräume“
    Exhibition Merck Finck & Co, Privatbankiers (S)
  • 2006
    Gabriele Heider: L‘OEVRE, Retrospective, Sankt Augustin, Germany (S)
    „Body Memory Paintings“ and „Memory Rooms“ Exhibition Index Fair, Dubai, German Interieur (S)
    „Light and Space“ Exhibition commissioned by furniture store Pesch International, Cologne, Germany (S)
    Exhibition Gallery José Soto Brussels/Belgium (S)
  • 2005
    „Artist‘s Portrait“ Gabriele Heider at the German Internet Gallery
    „Body-Memory 3“, German Clinic for Treatment by Nature Cures
    and Preventive Medicine, Saarbrücken, Germany (S)
  • 2004
    Commissioned work for the Maritim Hotel-Corporation Bonn, Germany: Series of 250 paintings and photographs
    „Survival Aesthetics – exhibition of Environmental Art“, Gut Friedrichstein, Sankt Augustin, Germany (G)
    „Architecture and Motion“ Exhibition commissioned by furniture store Pesch International, Cologne, Germany (S)
    „Body-Memory 1 & 2“, two exhibitions commissioned by the Cultural Foundation Tradecourt Hanse, Cologne, Germany (S)
    „Colour into your World!“, therapy project of Care Insurance Consulting, Hennef Rhein-Sieg, Germany (S)
  • 2003
    „Body and Heart“ Exhibition at the Clinical Centre Rhein-Sieg, Siegburg, Germany (S)
    Commissioned work for the Maritim Hotel-Corporation Bonn, Germany: Series of 300 Prints
  • 2002
    World Meat Congress, Estrel, Berlin, Germany (S)
  • 2001
    „Biennale Internazionale Dell`Arte Contemporanea“, Florence, Italy (G)
    „Kunst am Bau“ (art as a part of the building) – competition, Job Agency Centre, Magdeburg, Germany
  • 2000
    EXPO Hannover 2000: Museum Industriekultur GmbH, Osnabrück, Germany (S)
    EXPO Hannover 2000: „The Journey into the Heart“, Medical Heart Centre Bad Oynhausen, Germany (S)
  • 1999
    „Das Kuhltur Magazin“, Artist‘s portrait Gabriele Heider, broadcated by French-German Arte-TV
    „Environment“, Atelierhof Werenzhain, scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture of Brandenburg, Germany
  • 1998
    Mural Painting for the Town Hall of the City of Sankt Augustin, Germany: main conference room of the councillors
    Mural Painting for Daimler-Benz AG, Office Mainz, Germany
    „Gabriele Münter-Award“- Exhibition, Bonn, Osnabrück and Erfurt, Germany (catalogue) (G)
  • 1997
    „Gabriele Heider: Works 1992 – 1997“, Art Society Emsdetten, Germany (catalogue) (S)
    Libro Azul – Gallery, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Spain (S)
  • 1996
    European Cultural Centre Villa Rolandseck, Remagen, Germany (S)
  • 1995
    1st Winner of the Artists „Kunst am Bau“ (art as a part of the building) – competition for the artistic design of the library of the Central Executive Board of the Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany
    Art-Car design and realization, Renault Twingo, Deutsche Renault AG presented for the first time at the Art Multiple, Düsseldorf, Germany
    „Heart“, Hygiene Museum Dresden, Germany (catalogue) (G)
  • 1994
    „Gabriele Heider Works 1988 – 1993“, City Museum Siegburg, Germany (catalogue) (S)
    Artist`s portrait Gabriele Heider, broadcasted by WDR-TV, Germany
  • 1993
    „The gregarious Animal as the Frame of the aesthetical Order“, (S) Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 1992
    „Herdbook“, Manege St. Petersburg, Russia (catalogue) (G)
    „Euregionale“, Provinciaal Museum Hasselt, Belgium (catalogue) (G)
  • 1991
    „Cows create Pillows“, Broadway Windows, New York, USA (S)
  • 1990
    Scholarship for Civitella D`Agliano, Italy, granted by the Ministry of Culture of Northrhine-Westphalia
  • 1989
    • „Linksverbindungen“, Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, England
    (catalogue) (G)
  • 1987
    Exhibition at the Art Museum of the City of Bonn, as a part of a scholarship granted by the City of Bonn, Germany
  • 1982–84
    • Stage Designer at the Theaters of the City of Cologne, Germany
  • 1978–84
    Advanced Technical College for the Arts and Design, Cologne, Germany studies under Daniel Spoerri (Fine Arts) and Rolf Glittenberg (Stage Design)

(S) = Single Exhibition (G) = Group Exhibition